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Records in Construction Projects – Podcast

In the latest podcast, Guy and Jason have a chat about keeping records in construction projects. The foundation for any claim or dispute, records are key to success in construction. But why are records so important? What type of records should we be keeping? And how many records to keep?

The late Max Abrahamason, a well-known engineer and expert noted that anyone involved in a construction project would soon learn the importance of “records, records, and more records” – but should you record absolutely everything? The importance of recording the right thing in the right way rather than everything all the time may be crucial to success.

The team look at a range of options for record keeping. The options discussed range from harnessing drone technology, geotags and use of tablets, through to the tried tested paper records. They look at the critical importance of regular and consistent record keeping.

Should we see a return to the clerk of works? What do different contracts say about record keeping? Find out in the latest podcast from Overford.

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