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Smash & Grab Adjudications – The Overford Podcast

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Guy and Jason join Carly Thorpe, Partner at law firm, Walker Morris. Together they take a look at ‘Smash and Grab’ (also known as true value or technical) adjudications.  What is a smash-and-grab adjudication? Why do they arise? What does the construction act say? What do contracts say and is it possible to improve the […]

Getting paid on construction projects

Make Sure You Get Paid

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Our top tips for getting paid on construction projects The construction industry has something of a bad reputation when it comes to managing cashflow. Earlier this year, research found that half of all invoices were paid late. In some cases, those invoices are never paid at all. Nobody can guarantee one party will pay another […]

Why subcontractors should never walk off-site when they are not getting paid

Why subcontractors should never walk off-site when they are not getting paid

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Guy Jackson Joins Own The Build Podcast Why subcontractors should never walk off-site when they are not getting paid How can you engage your client if you are not being paid on-site? Is walking off-site an option? In this new podcast, Guy joins Paul Hemming of C-Link for an episode of Own The Build. The […]


Arbitration – An Introduction

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Following our intro to adjudication, this article takes a very brief look at dispute resolution in arbitration. Much older than statutory adjudication, arbitration is another route to resolving disputes without having recourse to the courts. The method comes with some strong advantages. Though arguably, there are some disadvantages too. The process involves the appointment (usually […]


Mediation with Mediator Network

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Our Mediation Services Overford’s expert team can assist with every aspect of your construction challenges, from advice and guidance to support in dispute resolution. Mediation is the latest tool in our armoury, with our resident expert, Guy Jackson. Guy provides neutral support to clients. As an associate organisation of Mediator Network, you can now access […]

Adjudication and dispute resolution.

Adjudication – The Smash and Grab

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People in the world of construction disputes get very excited by some things. One of those is the ‘smash and grab’ adjudication. But what exactly is it, and why does it matter? As we discussed in a previous article, ‘statutory’ adjudication allows anyone with a valid construction contract to take a dispute to an independent […]

Adjudication – An Introduction

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Adjudication: Why, What, How, When & What’s New? You might have heard of adjudication before. However, something that surprises the Overford team is how often we meet people who don’t know all about the popular method of dispute resolution. Introduced in the 1996 Construction Act (the actual act has a very complicated name, but generally […]

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