Dispute Avoidance Services

At Overford we firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure. However, we understand that time constraints, pressures, and the need to get a job over the line can take your focus away from having appropriate commercial protection in place.  

This is where the team excel as they will not only work to resolve your issue. They will go further and provide learnings to ensure that controls can be developed. This will ensure you avoid and mitigate potential future issues.

Should we need to “cure” then our team is fully equipped and able to manage any type of dispute. We will support you from the most complex engineering matters to the smallest bespoke developments. The wealth of experience at Overford guarantees a comprehensive insight into the industry. From the largest blue-chip organisations right down to the sole trader. The Overford speciality is to think strategically and seek out that persuasive and convincing alternative solution which will solve your problem.

If you would like to know more please contact us for a confidential discussion on how we will be able to assist.


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