Commercial Support Packages

Commercial Review

Overford’s retained commercial support is a service developed in response to a need from many contractors who have
found it helpful to have an experienced advisor supporting their team. Let us
help you manage commercial risks and reduce the chances of money lost in expensive disputes or legal fees.

The Overford team can provide a package of services specifically tailored
to help you with the specialist knowledge and independent, objective perspective your team might benefit from. Work with us to minimise costs and avoid the potential costs that often arise further down the line.

Commercial Support Packages

Commercial advice subject to a fair usage policyXXX
Advice on specific commercial correspondenceXX
Advice on specific quantum related problemsXX
Monthly review (One hour meeting online or in person)XXX
Conflict avoidance strategies and techniquesXXX
One commercial contract review per monthX
Two commercial contract reviews per monthX
Staged implementation of recommendations based on commercial reviewX
Quarterly commercial and legal update with pointersX
Mediation / Adjudication and Arbitration support (POA)XXX
Optional specialist services (POA)XXX
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Let us be your commercial conscience, find a package that suits you!

Commercial 'Ice Breaker'

In order to build a successful working relationship, you first need trust and rapport.We have found that the most effective way of doing this is an ice breaker session.

This session is primarily for us to gain an understanding of
your business and the way that you work. In return, you’ll gain

the insight you need into the Overford team.

The ice breaker normally takes the format of a half day
commercial audit which will cover a range of areas such as:

The outcomes of our review will then be presented in a report

with actionable recommendations.

It is then at your
discretion if you wish us to provide services to implement any

of the recommendations.

Starter Package

Intermediate Package

Advanced Package

Bespoke Package

We can also offer a bespoke package which is to be discussed and agreed.