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Our Mediation Services

Overford’s expert team can assist with every aspect of your construction challenges, from advice and guidance to support in dispute resolution. Mediation is the latest tool in our armoury, with our resident expert, Guy Jackson.

Guy provides neutral support to clients. As an associate organisation of Mediator Network, you can now access top-quality mediation and other resolution services.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to some of the more formal or complex methods of dispute resolution. We will have a detailed explanation on our site very soon. The process allows for an independent impartial party (a mediator) to help resolve a dispute. The mediator mutually resolves conflict, without the need to recourse to formal (and often costly) legal proceedings.

Mediation Tailored for You

Mediation is something we have been supporting for many years. We understand the commercial and pragmatic need for you to get your project back on track. Overford’s sector expertise and understanding will help you navigate towards amicable, realistic, and achievable solutions.

We will spend time with you to understand the issues and what matters to you. Working with us for your mediation will provide peace of mind. Whilst we cannot provide advice in mediation, tapping into our expertise on a neutral basis will help you move forward.

Our Mediation Model

The model is flexible and meets the needs of busy professionals. You can access a shorter mediation for a couple of hours or a half day or a day or more. We offer in-person and remote mediation services and a blended approach to accommodate your needs. We’ll provide you with an estimate of time needed with no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

Papers and Preparing for Mediation

We’ll hold confidential consultations with each person ahead of the mediation and work with you to be fully prepared.

Mediation is not a legal process. We may need some documentation to help everyone understand the points in issue, but we will not be reviewing evidence. Everything remains confidential and nothing can ever be shared outside of the mediation.

To achieve this, we will ask you to sign the “Agreement to Mediate”. This sets out the rules of mediation including the principle of confidentiality. It covers all communication and correspondence leading up to and including the conclusion of the mediation. In addition, we will be governed by our terms of business and RICS regulation.

Neutrality Throughout Mediation

Mediation is a neutral process. As a result of our partnership with Mediator Network, where we act or have previously acted for a client, we can provide an alternative. The aim is to provide you with the highest quality of resolution services.

As mediation is voluntary, all those involved in the dispute need to agree to engage with the process. Sometimes, encouragement is needed. This can come from a confidential discussion with our team or a direction from a formal process such as the commencement of litigation.

The Mediation Session

We work with you to facilitate your mediation in the most appropriate manner. Where a joint meeting is suitable, we suggest including one, but alternatives are available if needed.

You may need a few hours for a round-table discussion, or you may need a day or longer to work out complex issues and practical steps to move forward. Either way, we’ll work with you to achieve resolution in the best way for everyone involved.

The time is available for use in single or multiple sessions. We can focus on specific items or a range of issues at different stages. We’ll be walking with you through the process and providing our full support throughout.

We understand that sometimes you may need to re-visit some issues that remain unresolved. We can check-in with you after the mediation has been concluded to ensure that everyone is on track or provide support to achieve the same.

Mediation Outcomes and Legal Standing

We’ll help you achieve tangible outcomes and clarity as to next steps and a way forward. If you have legal professionals involved, they may draft a formal agreement which you can sign. If the parties reach a settlement agreement, the outcomes achieved are contractually enforceable.

When to Use Our Mediation Services

Mediation is available to resolve conflict or a dispute that has crystallised. However, you do not need to wait for conflict to escalate to use our services. Bring us in early for a discussion to head off issues before they become a dispute.

If you have something which may need our support, please pick up the phone and let’s have an initial and confidential call to discuss your options. We may even be able to help you diffuse the situation without further intervention.

For more help and a no obligation chat, get in touch with one of the team today.

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