The Overford Podcast

The Overford Podcast – Avoiding Disputes

Jason and Guy join Carly Thorpe to discuss how to avoid disputes in construction. Discussing their tips on how to avoid a dispute and get the best possible outcome.

This episode includes:

  • 00’35” – The importance of following the contract.
  • 02’25” – What is meant by a condition precedent?
  • 06’28” – Have clear communication from the start.
  • 08’55” – Make the time for detailed records.
  • 10’44” – The danger of informal records – for example using messages
  • 12’15” – What proof do you need in a construction dispute?
  • 15’00” – Double-check your calculations.

If you have any questions or would like help in avoiding disputes or managing your dispute please get in touch with the team today –

Thank you for listening to the Overford podcast. Every effort is taken to ensure the podcast’s accuracy, but its content should not be construed as legal advice. You can listen to previous episodes of the podcast on your usual podcast player.

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