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UK Adjudicators London Conference 2023

We are sponsoring the UK Adjudicators London 2023 Adjudication and Arbitration Conference.

On Thursday the 21st of December, we will be joining UK Adjudicators for their full-day conference.

Bringing together world-leading adjudicators and arbitrators for a number of sessions throughout the day. The speakers will also include solicitors, barristers, lawyers, academics and many more.

All talks and panels will focus on adjudication disputes and arbitration both domestically and internationally. The UK Adjudication event will be run under the Chatham House rule. This means information can be used freely but cannot be attributed to the speaker or the affiliation of those who gave the information.

There are a limited number of places at this UKA conference so make sure you get tickets before it runs out.

If you want more information on adjudication and arbitration take a look at our articles.

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